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Texas Longhorns

Click these pictures to see our 2015 "Longhorn trip" in Texas:

Back again at Darlene's Ranch in Somerville, Texas:

We had to come back again to visit Star Creek Ranch owned by Darlene Aldridge DVM and her husband John Parmley.

Again this time Darlene spent all day, showing us her fantastic breeding program and after that she took us to the Torkildsons Bull Creek Ranch in Fayetteville, Texas.

Here's some pictures:

Thank you so much. 

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Click these pictures to see our 2014 "Longhorn trip" in Texas:

Horn Case, Texas:


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Click these pictures to see our 2013 "Longhorn trip" in Texas and Oklahoma:

At the TLBAA Office

At Bernard Lankford's 131-acre farm southwest of Weatherford, Texas, we saw a wonderful collection of "Butler-bred" Longhorns.

Bernard and Annette hardly couldn’t stop talking again, after telling each other about the many very different rules and regulations between the US and Denmark.

Thanks for a great one, Bernard and Bette

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At Bob Loomis's Ranch in Oklahoma:

Breeding American Paint- & Quarter Horses for, as many years as we have, we always knew who Bob Loomis is.

In the National Reining Horse Association, a Loomis-bred stallion has sired offspring that have won over nine million dollars.

But what not all of you might know is that Bob and his wife Pam also are highly regarded breeders of Texas Longhorns! And therefore this year we wanted to finally visit Bob to see his famous herd.

At the TLBAA Horn Showcase, October 2013 in Fort Worth, a Loomis-bred cow and bull proved to be the first Bull and Female Texas Longhorns exceeding 90 inches horns tip-to-tip.

Bob told us that COWBOY TUFF CHEX right now is 90.75 inches tip to tip,  and his mother, BL RIO CATCHIT, is 92.625 inches tip to tip.


Thank you very much Bob, for spending all your afternoon on showing us all your fine Longhorns and horses.

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At Premier Longhorns in Oklahoma:

In Stillwater, we visited another kind of High Quality Longhorn breeder.....

Dee Dee rides all her Longhorns. And in her breeding program she use sexed semen to make sure always gets female babies.

About 10 heads of riding animals is her level. What a great experience to see all her very very gentle cows and heifers, Thank y’all Dee Dee.

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At Darlene's Ranch in Texas:

At 500 acres near Houston we visited one of the very finest herds of impressive  longhorns owned by Darlene Aldridge DVM.

Darlene spent most of the morning, showing us her fantastic breeding program and told us soo many interesting details from her long experience as a breeder as well as from her professional background as at Veterinarian.

We were very happy for your invitation Darlene. And we still talk about your many amazing animals.

Thank you so much. 


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In 2012, we got our first little herd of Texas Longhorns established.

Photos, 2014

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2013, Circle M Farm, Denmark

I 2013 fødtes den første Texas Longhorn kalv her på Circle M Farm.

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2012, Circle M Farm, Denmark

I 2012 fik vi så endelig fat i et par EU-importerede dyr fra Canada. På dette tidspunkt var der kun 11 stk. amerikansk registrerede dyr af racen her i landet.

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2012, Purcell, Oklahoma

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2011, Fort Worth, Texas.

Lille Zofia på 3 år på ryggen af en riding steer i Fort Worth.

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2003, Fort Worth, Texas.

I forbindelse med de mange USA ture vi har hvert år har haft omkring vores American Paint Horses, har vi også altid brugt lejligheden til at studere en ligeså spændende amerikansk kulturarv, nemlig the Texas Longhorn Cattle. Allerede i 1990 så vi for første gang disse prægtige dyr, som jo ikke findes mangen til noget andet sted i verden.

Det er desværre ikke muligt at importere levende Longhorn til Danmark direkte fra USA.

EU, - og ikke mindst Danmark, - har nemlig en særdeles høj veterinærstatus i forhold til USA.

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